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  Visit to UNMCK
  Poster : Col David P. Br… (61.♡.157.149)     Date : 11-09-12 23:23     Hit : 1506    

My family and I visited the UNMCK over the US Labor Day holiday and were greatly touched. The grounds are immaculate and the displays offer a glimpse into the people who fought and died to keep this great nation free. We left with a renewed sense of purpose for our service here and hope that many other US service members and families will make the journey.

Mr. Choi Ku-Sik was an invaluable guide and help to us. He offered us great insight into the history and background of the UNMCK. I'd like to again express my heartfelt thanks to him. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to upload the wonderful photo he took of us. Please email me and I'll send it.

I hope that I will be able to return to UNMCK before I head back to the US. My thanks go out to the RoK government for the investment of resources in making sure that we never forget.

Best regards,
Col D. Briar