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  Thank You
  Poster : Sumeyye Nur (78.♡.201.81)     Date : 12-03-25 08:55     Hit : 1150    
Hi. I'm from Turkey. First of all thank you for that you think our martyrs. But here is point that I want to tell. When we send a flower our martyrs, we watch a screen that is show the cross. But over %98 of Turkish people are muslim. So it's revilement for us and our ancestors. Could you change it, please? Another point is, in that page (http://www.unmck.or.kr/eng/paying_tribute/paying_1.php) soldiers of all nationals looks like soldier except Turkey. How is bad, can you imagine that? Beard is absolutely forbidden in Turkish Army. I don't think you know thats. So I let you know. If you can change them. I will be really happy. Thanks for your sensibility again. Yours sincerely...