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  Cpl. Bayram Karatas of Turkish Armed Forces Command
  Poster : Fatih Bas (88.♡.116.185)     Date : 13-02-16 05:56     Hit : 908    

I have trouble locating this Turkish soldier's grave.

Name: Bayram
Last Name: Karatas
Rank: Cpl.
Date of Death: 28-29 May 1953
Place of Death: Outpost Elko

His name appears on the Wall of Rememberance. But the search engine for tombs don't return with any results and I checked every single tomb in 5 Turkish plots including the Symbolic Area. But alas...

This soldier must have been buried. Could you please help me locate his grave?

Thanks in advance.

Fatih Bas

admin 13-02-25 09:50
 119.♡.180.34 답변  
I'm so sorry but Cpl. Bayram Karatas is not buried in this Cemetery.
As you already checked, his name is on the Wall of Remembrance, but there's no his grave here.
Please contact your National Defence Ministry to check his grave's location.