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  How different are the UN Sculpture Park, Peace Park, and the UNMCK?
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The UNMCK is characteristically quite different from the parks.

The UNMCK is a cemetery founded by UN and managed by the CUNMCK,

but both of the Sculpture Park and the Peace Park were created by

the Nam-Gu Office of Busan and are under the management of Nam-Gu Office.

The Sculpture Park was created to exhibit the art works of sculptors from the nations

who participated in the Korean War on behalf of UN, while the Peace Park was

created by the Nam-Gu office of Busan in preparation of the APEC 2005.

Therefore, both parks provide the resting area for the citizens of Busan.
The UNMCK is a sacred place where rest the fallen of the UN troops in the Korean War.

It is a place to pay tribute to those interred at the UNMCK and is NOT a park.