Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear Korean war Veterans
  Poster : Do Hyeon Kim (218.♡.121.18)     Date : 20-02-01 11:32     Hit : 241    
Hello, I'm Do Hyeon Kim, living in south Korea. I'm 18 years old and I'm high school student. I'm writing this letter to appreciate your sacrifice during the Korean war. I was so touched at your brave and strong mind. Thanks to you, many Koreans could save their lives, and we could protect our country. Out of gratitude, I'd like to tell you about Korean holiday, Seollal. We celebrating new year and have fun time with our families. We eat tteokguk(it's something like ricecake soup), play yutnori, wear hanbok(korean traditional clothes) bow to our grandparents for new year. This year of Seollal, I visited my grandmother's house. Me and my family ate a lot of tteokguk. My grandmother's cooking skill was wonderful. Eating tteokguk means we are getting one year older. I was happy to be 18 years old, because I want to be an adult. After eating tteokguk, we played yutnori. It is traditional korean board game. I was team with my father and mom was team with grandmother. Unfortunately me and my father lost. But it was very fun and exciting. I wish you could play yutnori once. Then I bowed to my parents and grandmother for new year. I wore hanbok and bowed to them. Hanbok was very beautiful and gorgeous. I was so happy to get sebetdon(money that we get when we bow to parents or grandparents). I was excited to buy clothes and delicious snacks with that money. We also made dumplings. It is something like our family's tradition to make dumplings in Seollal. We make kimchi dumplings, meat dumplings, ect. I wish you could try our family's traditional dumpling. My favorite dumpling is kimchi dumpling because I like spicy things. I think kimchi dumpling is the most delicious dumpling in the world. While making dumplings, we talked a lot and I thought our family became more close to each other. Our family watched Ssirum play. It is korean traditional sports that two people trying to knock down opponent. It's one of the tradition of Seollal. It was very fun and interesting. And what I liked most was Ssirum player's handsome faces. They looked very healthy and strong. After watching TV shows, our family talked all over night. I lile Seollal because I could meet my missing families and could talk a lot. Also, we could play many fun games and I could get a lot of money by my grandparents and families. I wish everyday was Seollal. So far it was my story of Seollal. Did you enjoy it? There are many ways to enjoy Seollal, and each of them has it's own value.
Thanks to you, we can enjoy Seollal until now. If you hadn't fought for Korea, Korea wouldn't exist, and Seollal may have been disappear. Thank you so much for fighting for Korea. I really respect you and I will never forget your sacrifice. Your brave and effort will be always in our heart. Thank you for reading this long letter, and happy new year! :)
Sincerely, Do Hyeon Kim


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