Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear. Korean veteran.
  Poster : Jeun Seok Lee (119.♡.192.89)     Date : 20-02-01 19:55     Hit : 295    
Hello, My name is Lee Jun Seok, a resident of Shaohsiung, Gyeonggi Province, in South Korea. New Year's is a meaningful day for people all over the world. How did you spend New Year’s Day in this year? I hope that you had had a meaningful New Year's day with your family. I spent this last New Year's with my family as a student on the last New Year's day. It means that I will be an adult in next year. As a high school student, spending the holidays with my family is truly meaningful. I headed for my grandmother's house on my mother side in Sunchang. My grandmother's house  is usually very far away from my house, so I can't see her very often. Even though it was very difficult to visit my grandmother's house because of heavy traffic jam on the way there, it was very meaningful for me to visit her house. Futhermore, when I come back to my grandmother's house in the countryside from the stifling city, I feel even more refreshed. My grandmother welcomed me when I arrived and prepared a lot of delicious food. On the morning of the New Year, I enjoyed the ‘Tteokguk’ (rice cake soup) and meat made by my grandmother." This certainly made me feel the difference between the stimulating taste of the city and the simple taste of the countryside. It was very cold in Sunghang, so it was hard to go out with my grandmother. The weather there is much colder than normal weather of Seoul, so it's easy to go outside and catch a cold. But I helped my grandmother with some farming work. Grandma was grateful and proud to see me like that. And she cooked delicious food with the vegetables we had harvested. I just had a conversation with my grandmother and it made a great deal of sense to eat with her. It's not something you have to do with someone special, but just being together makes me feel happy. My clever uncle was very well known for what I should do in the third year of high school, and my university relative's brother gave me a lot of useful advice. They are all equally grateful and important people to me. I visited my mother's side, who is so difficult to visit. It's very kind of me to see my cousin, aunt, and uncle. Everyone gave me a lot of allowance to send 3rd year high school students. I am thinking of using this kind of allowance in my third year of high school in a meaningful way. Later, when I enter university, I want to thank my family and become a splendid and dignified university student and meet my family again.
I think it's because of everyone's courage that I'm able to have such a fun New Year's day, so I'm grateful to you again today. Happy New Year to you. I wish you happiness and well-being.  Thank you for reading my letter again today.


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