Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  dear korean war veterans
  Poster : leeminseok (119.♡.192.89)     Date : 20-02-01 20:47     Hit : 246    
I am a sophomore in high school this year and it is the 18th New Year's Day.
I plan to visit my maternal grandmother and spend the new year with my maternal grandmother, maternal uncle, aunt and uncle.
My maternal grandmother's house is famous for its red pepper paste called Sunchang County in North Jeolla Province. There is a gochujang folk museum near my maternal grandmother's house.
I've never been to my grandmother's house.
I will definitely visit the Gochujang Folk Museum during this New Year's holiday.
This year, I woke up at 4 a.m. due to a short holiday and left for my grandmother's house. It takes about four hours from Siheung to Sunchang where we live. It's a long way from here
Dad and Mom, I got up right away and washed my face and started with a simple bag.
The night sky was still dark and the weather was chilly. Looking at the sky, the shining starlight was reflected in the windows of our car.
I was tired, but it was also interesting to go to my grandmother's house in the countryside looking at the night sky at dawn.
The highways in Korea are busy with many cars during the Lunar New Year holidays. It's almost a traffic jam.
Fortunately, we left at dawn, so the highway was quiet. Over the course of two hours, the traffic began to grow.
We ran halfway and stopped by a place called Tancheon Rest Area
The rest area was packed with cars and people for the Lunar New Year holiday. We ordered Chungmu Gimbap to eat in a restaurant. Maybe because I was hungry, Chungmu Gimbap and warm soup were delicious.
It was a bright morning when I arrived at my grandmother's house.
New Year's Day was celebrated to our ancestors on the morning of the New Year, and our family extended their New Year's greetings to our grandmother.
My maternal grandmother gave us a blessing and three times as much money to stay healthy and study hard this year.
After breakfast, I went to my grandfather's oxygen with my maternal grandmother, maternal uncle and aunt.
The elders were playing yut in front of the village hall at the entrance of my grandmother's village. We usually play yutnori during the New Year holidays in Korea.
My family visited the Gochujang Folk Museum, which has never been there before.
The museum explained how to put gochujang and how to store gochujang. It also introduced me to the dishes I can eat with gochujang.
In the museum, I saw many jar that store red pepper paste.
There are many fun games and food during the Lunar New Year holidays in Korea.
You can eat lots of fun and delicious food during the Lunar New Year holidays at your maternal grandmother's house.
I was able to spend this joyful New Year thanks to all your hard work.
If it weren't for you, there wouldn't be New Year's Day.
I thank you for protecting our future, even if it was not an easy decision to go to war between life and death.
The tragedy of the fratricidal war and your sacrifice will last forever.
Thank you for reading my heartfelt letter. I'll come by with a better letter next time. Goodbye
from korean student, lee-min-seok


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