Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear, korean war veterans
  Poster : MinHa Shin (39.♡.125.95)     Date : 20-02-01 23:48     Hit : 268    
Dear, korean war veterans

Hello, my name is MinHa Shin and I am 17 years old now. There is a big holiday, new year`s day in the lunar calendar. In korea we called seollal. Lunar New Year`s Day is one of the most important day in Korea. So many people went their grandparents` house. In Seol, people eat a food called tteokguk, which means that they will be 1 year older. Therefore, in Korea, eating tteokguk on Lunar New Year's Day is one of the most representative foods to eat in the New Year.So I went to my grandmother's house and ate rice cake soup and became 17 years old. When I go to my grandparents' house, there are a lot of cars on the highway during the Lunar New Year holidays. Of course, using trains or domestic flights saves time, but getting tickets for them is so intense as to be a star in the sky.I want to take the train when my grandparents home, but she gave me a lot of things. We can not bring those things by train. That`s why my Family always ride in the car.I arrived at my grandmother's house by car for a long time. My relatives gave me a lot of money because I entered high school this year.In the New Year's Day, adults give their children a new year's pay, which sometimes varies from age to age.I was happy to receive a lot of New Year's money this year. And this money will save and buy new bag and shoes for the new semester.And we eat a lot of food as we celebrate this holiday. I eat many kinds of food such as rice cake soup, jeon, galbi jjim, etc. which I mentioned in the first place. So, after the holidays, people gain a lot of weight and have to go on a diet very often.And I also meet my cousins and have fun with them. I am close to my maternal cousins, so I think I am more friendly with my cousins. And my cousins are so funny that I don't realize how much time goes. But cousins are so powerful that they sometimes get tired of playing together, but they always makes me happy.And I often enjoy talking about my daily life with my grandmother while eating the food that my grandmother takes care of. My aunt, uncle, and grandmother all care about me because I am the oldest child in my family. It is really fun to go to my house because you give me delicious food first and you like me a lot. I enjoy having fun with my family at my grandmother's house. I always wait for that time because we play together every year during the Lunar New Year's Day and Chuseok.I wonder if there is a culture like this in your country. I like to experience various cultures of other countries, so I want to experience them if I have a chance later.I'm sure everyone has a new year in their own way. Happy New Year and good luck this year! I will study English harder this year and write a letter more naturally in the future Happy New Year:)



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