Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear. Korea War Veterans
  Poster : MinHa Shin (39.♡.126.229)     Date : 20-04-04 22:27     Hit : 127    
Dear.Korean War veterans
Hello, my name is Min Ha Shin and I am 17 years old, living in SeongNam. How are you doing these days? Actually, I asked because I was curious because it's a very dangerous situation because of infectious diseases all over the world. In fact, overcoming this epidemic that doesn't even exist is for us to take care of ourselves. Are you taking care of you health? Originally, I had a bad stomach, so I didn't eat much because I felt nauseous when I took medicine, but these days, I'm trying to eat it regularly because of the infectious diseases. I hope you take care of your health too. Normally in April, I should study with my friends and prepare for the exam, but now I just play and go to the academy and study. In fact, I enter high school when I become 17 years old in Korea, but because of Corona, I can't enter the school and I'm just studying at home.And I bought a new backpack to celebrate going to my new school, but I still haven't used it. I'm so upset.In Korea, the entrance exam system is very important, so I won't delay the start of school any longer and will open online and take online classes all day soon. One of the most frustrating things is that you should always wear a mask in your daily life. I usually wear a mask for more than 3 hours when I go to academy, but I feel so stuffy that I want to go home. And some hagwon can give lectures online and listen to them at home. Many people in Korea are continuing their daily lives online. In Korea, we are trying to reduce people's contact by conducting a campaign called Social Street Doori.Because of Corona, Korean people's lives have changed a lot People also wait in line at pharmacies to buy two masks per person in the country.  When the number of infections increased a lot, doctors, nurses, and volunteers all came forward to help each other.I hope that this epidemic will be quenched soon so that people around the world can get out of their anxiety and fear and return to their daily lives. I think you are wondering why I said this to you. I think Korea has pretty good medical facilities. The reason why our country was able to grow is because you saved our country. But I think the reason this was all possible was because your sacrifice was based on it. In Korea, especially in June, the whole nation is grateful to soldiers like you. It is safe to say that we have developed this way at the expense of your brave courage and your sacrifice.Because I don't think I can have the same courage as you. I respect you.As it is a sensitive situation around the world, I hope you take care of your health and wear a mask when you are outdoors. Because my health cannot be taken care of by other people other than me.


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