Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear Korean war Veteran
  Poster : Chu Jae hun (218.♡.45.244)     Date : 20-04-04 22:39     Hit : 177    
Dear Koean War Veterans
Hi, I am  jae hun chu, and my English name is Louie. I am 14 years old, and I live in INcheon, Korea. I like eating food, playing soccer, and playing with my friends. I like playing or watching soccer the most. But now, I can't do the things that I like. Almost all of the soccer leagues that like has canceled the schedule. I just stay at home and I cannot do anything. I am so bored. This is because of corona virus. In Korea, the virus has been spread fastly since February. So, all of the school have postponed the start of new semester. Also, lots of academys are closed. The government said that from April sixth, students are going to take online classes. I hope this will work well.Now, the virus'spread has been decreased.I think this is because of people's effort to overcome the virus. In Kora, all of the people going out are wearing the mask. And because the person who has been infected does not know that they are infected, we are trying not to touch each other and not to make an events that makes many people come. I want to tell you the reason why the people infected in Korea was increased very fastly.Here is a religeon called Sincheongi, many people sit next to next and do something like ceremony. And one of them was infected to corona virus. So, the people who were with that person were infected too. And they spread the virus everywhere. I feel so angry when I think about that religeon. Now, I will talk about your sacrifice for Korea. I really expect you.If I were you, I think I wouid not have joined the war. That is because I am so scared because of the mind that I could die.And I also will be so nervous if I have to fight at the war. It will be so sad to see the colleagues dying infront of me. Even if I stay after the war, I think I will be keep thinking about the friends who died at the war.I want to thank your help. If you did not help, I do not think Korea would be peaceful like now. And we have developed a lot and became a great country. There are many grat peoples like jisung Park and Heung min Son. Do you like soccer? If you do,What is the team that you like? I like Barcelona and Messi, Tottenham and Spurs, And Manchester United where Ji-sung Park played before. Do you know Son? I am so proud that he is Korean. He is showing such an amazing performance. Last season, he also entered Champions league Final. Even though his team lost, he was really nice. He was 22nd place of last ballon d'or. He has so many records like the best player of Korea, the month's best player of premier league, etc. Oh, I think I was toocited to tell you about soccer. If you don't like soccer, I am sorry. Anyway, the biggest reason I am writing this is to thank you for joining the war. I hope the corona virus will end soon and you can live a common life again. I would be happy if I can meet you after people beat the virus. I will tell you amny news and what happened to me. I hope we could meet one day. Bye!


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