Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear korean war veterans
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Dear Korean war Veterans

Hello, I am Minseok Lee, a sophomore in high school who lives in Korea.I am writing to express my gratitude for your participation in the Korean War
In the past, Korea was a small country with no recognition to most people, but thank you for helping us when war broke out.
The war in Korea seemed to be over, but recently, the war against the virus began
The Corona virus, which began in Wuhan, China in December, was first transmitted in Korea around January and is now nationwide.
Corona caused a lot of trouble.
Corona's depressions not only do we avoid people's access, but also cause people with poor health fear of death.
I also suffer from discomfort caused by corona
I have to wear a mask because of the corona virus, but it is hard to breathe and it is uncomfortable because my glasses are uncomfortable
I should avoid visiting leisure facilities and cultural spaces where many people gather.
even I have to take online classes because I have to go to school every other week.
I hope the coronavirus is gone as soon as possible.
I want to go to school without any more delay and have a pleasant school life with my friends
Many people are trying to fight the virus in Korea.
The South Korean government, businesses, and countless medical staff and others are waiting to work hard to stop the spread of the disease.
At first, I didn't think much of the Corona virus, but as the situation got worse, I felt grateful for their efforts.
I was also interested in the news of the Corona virus and vowed to implement the safety regulations.
From now on, I will pay attention to the news related to the coronavirus and actively participate in preventing the spread of the virus.
As I wrote this letter, I realized that this year is already the 70th anniversary of the Korean War.
I felt ashamed that even you, a foreigner, had sacrificed for Korea, but I, a native citizen, had forgotten the Korean War.
I respect your efforts to make me who I am today.
Thank you for making a difficult decision even though Korea was not the only thing you should keep
When the Korean War broke out, the people were been obsessed with fear of death and despair
In an seemingly endless war and a gloomy situation, you helped us prevent further damage and overcome the situation.
This situation is the same as it was then.
This is the time when people all over the world are struggling and feeling lethargic
However, we need to be patient and try to overcome the crisis as we say, "The harder the times are, the better the chances are.
If we all work together, we can end the desperate Korona virus situation.
Thank you again for your sacrifice and for reading my letter so far
Please take care of yourself from the Corona virus.

sincerely min seok lee


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