Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear. Korean War Veterans
  Poster : Kim Yoon Joong (211.♡.139.146)     Date : 20-06-26 21:27     Hit : 9    
Dear. Korean War Veterans
 Hello, I'm Kim Yoon Joong. I am a 3rd grade student at Gimpo Foreign Language High School. I like playing soccer with my friends. It's because it's attractive to have 11 members as a team and move toward a goal. I also like to read books. Because I can learn various things that help me live my life through books. Among the various kinds of books, my favorite is mystery novels. I enjoy finding the criminal with the main character of the mystery novel and admire the twist hidden by the writer. I like to communicate with my friends through SNS. I am maintaining good relationships with many friends by uploading photos I took on SNS such as Instagram and Facebook and posting comments on my friends' posts. I will continue to try to have a good relationship with my friends.
 Recently, many people are having a hard time because of Corona 19. The same goes for Korea. A few months ago, the number of infected people remained single digits, and I thought they would be stable in quarantine, but recently, the number of infected people has been around 50 again, leading to a very dangerous life. It must be hard for adults who live in society, but students like me who live in school also have a very hard school life. We have to continue to wear masks throughout the day and during the day and only take them off for lunch. I have to keep my distance from my friends, and now I have to read the teacher's and friends' mind when talking comfortably in the past. I sincerely hope that the world will be safe in Corona 19 as soon as possible. I also hope that you wear mask properly and will be safe from Corona 19.
 The reason why I am writing this letter is to thank you for your participation in the Korean War. I grew up hearing many stories related to the Korean War from my parents, teachers, and friends for a long time ago. Whenever I see and hear such stories, I always want to say thank you to those who fought for our fans. But it was hard to thank you because the opportunity didn't come to me. And then I happened to know how to do this, and that's why I'm thanking you for reading this letter. Also, I heard that yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. Thank you so much for your efforts to protect Korea, a country you've never heard of before. If I were in the same situation at the time, I would have been in a hurry to avoid it. I would like to tell everyone who fought for Korea that he is very brave.
 Not only me, but everyone in the Republic of Korea will think the same way. Once again, I sincerely thank you for fighting for our country. Your efforts will never be forgotten by all Koreans. I hope you have a happy rest of your life. Thank you.


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