Paying Tribute

People all over the world, whe love peace and freedom, may pay tribute and give thanks for the sacrifice made by the fallen.

  Dear Korean War Veterans
  Poster : chaeyounglee (61.♡.90.161)     Date : 20-06-26 22:54     Hit : 12    
Dear Korean War Veterans
Hello my name is Lee Chae Young who is living in Seoul, Korea. I am 15 years old so I go to middle school. I am writing this letter to appreciate your help. Since Covid-19 occur, I didn't go to the school for almost 4 months. It became a habit to wake up late. Also, I sleep late almost every day.So I didn't even realized that yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the Korean war. Korea was not strong enough to fight with the north. When the war started, we were about to loose. But Korean war veterans from various countries came and our people in Korea didn't died. If you didn't participate in the war, maybe Korea will not exist. Thank you for your help, people in Korea are living happily. But these days, after Covid 19 occur, people are living in fear. There is no vaccine developed so we have a hard time, We can't go to school very day so we go to school one week in a month. Our president said that the virus will disappear soon, but it didn't. So I am really scared of It. In our town, there are many covid 19 victims. Everyone was very scary. I was scary too. We are earning class in online, but I didn't really concentrated well. Corona virus made my life ruined. I want to go to school without mask, talk with my friends, play with them. But in school, teachers always watch us, yell to us when we move in the classroom. We don't have any freedom. That is too bad. So I wish the vacicne will develop soon and we will live normally like we just did before. We will never forget your contribution forever. Our people in Korea is always appreciating you guys. You are our hero!!
As I said in the beginning, yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the Korean war. So yesterday, I saw a news about it. People were praying and I felt sad while seeing the video. During the Korean war, our grandparents were children. They experienced a terrible war, and they could have died. I was very relief that my grandparents are still alive healthy. My grand grand father was a soldier. He died because of the war. I am always sorry for him and also thankful because if he and the others didn't participate in the war, our country will not exist. It will be a hard choice to participate in our war, because it was not your country. Also, we didn't had any relationship each other. But you guys were there so we are now living. Thank you again. I hope one day, when corona virus disappear, you and other Korean war veterans will come Korea and we will say thank you to you guys. Yesterday, I felt thankful again seeing the video of your hard choice, war circumstances. Thank you for your help and we will never forget it. 
From Lee Chae Young


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