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  September 2007 CARABOT HALL
  Poster : 관리자 (61.♡.151.212)     Date : 07-10-04 14:18     Hit : 4545    
The CARABOT HALL where is the interior space of the UN Forces Monument, opens. This space was a place for the UN fallen list during the Korean War, but it didn't need any more, since the Wall of Remembrace was established in 2006, which engraved all the names of the war dead during the Korean War. Accordingly, the UNMCK renovated the space into a exhibition hall.

The hall is named in honor of P CARABOT, a British solider who fell at the age of 54 on 10 February 1951. He is the oldest fallen resting at the UNMCK.

Now, the selected works of the 8th Writing Contest with a theme related to the UNMCK are exhibited until 31 October 2007.

The photos of the interred at the UNMCK, various souvenior and pictures of the relevant countries will be exhibited in this hall.

Thank you for your warm interest.


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