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  1 January 2008~30 June 2008 The Second UNMCK Photo Contest
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< The Second UNMCK Photo Contest>

1. Photo Theme: The UNMCK
2. Participants: Anyone interested
3. Entry Deadline: Midnight, 30 June 2008
4. Means of Entry: Via the Sharing of the UNMCK Homepage
- Name of Contestant and Contact Information
(Phone number and E-mail address)
- Title and description of the photo
- Photo Size Type: 2~3 Megabites, JPG file.
5. Announcement of Winning Entries:
- Schedule will be announced via UNMCK homepage in July 2008
6. Award and Prize:
Best/Runner-up/2nd Runner-up/Recognized as Excellent :
Certificate & Prize
- Recognized : Certificate
7. Award Ceremony: Time and date will be announced later via UNMCK
8. Winning entries will be on display in the Carabot Hall of the UNMCK.

** For more information on the Photo Contest, please refer to the UNMCK News of the UNMCK homepage(www.unmck.or.kr).
** The copyright of all the photos submitted for the Contest shall belong to the UNMCK.


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