UNMCK Office

The management authority delegated by the CUNMCK, the Office manages day-to-day affairs of the UNMCK.
  1 August 2008 Winners of the 2nd Annual UNMCK Photo Contest
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These are the winning entries of the 2nd Annual UNMCK Photo Contest.

-1st Prize/Yearning for Peace-

-2nd Prize/Missing Youth-

-2nd Prize/Night View of the Main Gate-

-3rd Prize/One Spring Day-

-3rd Prize/Daunt Waterway and Graves-

-Recognized as Excellent/ Name Engraved in the Sky-

-Recognized as Excellent/Military Band-


-Recoginzed/Wall of Remembrance-

-Recognized/A Walk-

-Recognized/Name Engraved in the Sky-

-Recognized/A Hand-

-Recognized/Main Plaza-

-Recognized/White heron and Flags-

-Recognized/Scent of UN-



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