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  11 November 2019 'Turn Toward Busan' Ceremony
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On 11 November Korean War veterans from 17 countries and other guests attended the “Turn Toward Busan” Commemoration ceremony at the UN Memorial Cemetery.

First organized in 2007 by Korean War veteran Vincent Courtenay, the event has been held every year, in which people from around the world turn to face Busan at 11pm according to their local time.

Before the ceremony, Veteran Park Sam-duk visited the grave of the youngest interred soldier and awarded the peace medal to the veterans of the British commonwealth.

Key participants: Mr. Park Samdeuk of the MPVA, Busan Mayor Oh Geo-don, Mr. Yoo Gyeong-hyun, UNMCK Custodian Younsoo Lee, Ambassador of Canada H.E. Michael Danagher, Ambassador of Germany H.E. Stephan Auer, and over 1,000 other guests from several nations.


-Paying tribute to J. P. Daunt, the youngest soldier interred at the UNMCK-

-Paying tribute to Kenneth W. Norton-

-Paying tribute to P.J. Keating-

-Moment of silence-

-Flag party-

H.E. Sam-hyuk Park, Minister of Veterans Affairs, pays tribute to the fallen-

-Mayor Oh Geo-don and Mr. Vincent Courtenay pay tribute-

-The Ambassadors of Canada and Germany pay tribute to the fallen-

-Mayor Oh Geo-don makes a speech-

-Mr. Yoo Gyung-hyun makes a speech-

-Remarks by Mr. Vincent Courtenay-

-Memorial speech-

-Musical tribute by Kim Yong-jin and the Little Angels choir-

-The Black Eagles pay tribute-