Korean War & UN

We pay tribute to those who died in Korea fighting for freedom and peace.


  A country in the center of the Indochina Peninsula
Location : Central Indochina peninsula of
               Southeast Asia
Area : 514,000㎢
Capital : Bangkok
Political System : Constitutional Monarchy
Language : Thai
Currency : Baht
National Flower : Water Lily

While Kingdom of Thailand is the official name, the country is also known as Prathet Thai or Muang Thai. It is bounded by Myanmar and Laos in the northeast, Cambodia in the east, Malaysia in the south, the Andaman sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the southeast.

Thailand has a lot of rainfall. It is classed as a tropical Monsoon zone in general and it is more humid than East Africa and the Deccan Plateau of India. Its dry season and wet season are quite clearly dry from November to April and rainy from May to October. Annual highest temperature usually registers during the beginning of the rainy season. The temperature varies little throughout the year. The annual temperature averages 28℃ and its rainfall around 1,600mm. The amount of precipitation is greater along the southeastern coast and the southwestern coastal areas get much rain during October and December due to the monsoon season.

Absolute obedience of the people to national authorities originates from Buddhism. The people did not have a surname system until the early 20th century. It was introduced in 1913. Most people call each other by first name even today.


Thailand has diplomatic relations with both Korea and North Korea. The Thai embassy was set up after establishing diplomatic relations with Korea in January 1959. Thailand, in accordance with their policy of 1974 to diversify their international relations, signed a diplomatic treaty with North Korea in May 1975. Thailand participated in the Korean war as part of the UN forces and it has been a strong friendship nation of Korea. President Chon in July 1981 and YS Kim in 1996 visited Thailand to promote bi-national cooperation and friendship. Thai Prime Minister Chuan visited Korea in 1994, 1999, and 2000.

The agreements concluded between Thailand and Korea are: the Trade of 1961, Aviation of 1967, Double Taxation Avoidance of 1974, Income Tax Exempt on Income of Transportation Industries of 1977, Visas Waiver of 1981, Science & Technology of 1985, Investment Guarantee of 1989, Extradition of 1998 and others. Thai imported from Korea mainly steel, fertilizers, textiles and engine parts costing a little over US$ 2,015 million and exported to Korea mainly feed grains, natural rubber, grains, sugar and computer parts at a little under US$ 1,631 million in 2000. Immigrants from Korea number 121 and the expatriates 10,000.



New Address/Same Location : 93, UN Pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 48529, Republic of Korea (New address system has been used in Korea since 2014.)

Old Address : 779, Daeyon 4-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, 608-812, Republic of Korea Phone 82-51-625-0625 Fax 82-51-624-2165