Korean War & UN

We pay tribute to those who died in Korea fighting for freedom and peace.


  A country located in the Northwest of South America
Location : Northwestern South America
Area : 1,138,910㎢
Capital : Bogota
Political System : Republic
Language : Spanish
Currency : Col$
National Flower : Hetikium

The official name of the nation is Republic of Colombia. It borders the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Panama to the northeast, Venezuela and Brazil to the east and Ecuador and Peru to the south. Though its land is largely divided into two parts, the highlands in the northwest along the eastern slope of the Andes and lowlands in the southeast, the landscape is rather complicated. The highland consists of 4 smaller mountain ranges.

As most of its territory is spread along the Equator within the 4° S latitude and 12° N latitude, its climate is tropical. The coastal and plains areas are a typical tropical rainforest whereas the highlands, with altitudes of 1,000-1,500m, classify as savanna with its annual average temperature at about 20°C. Higher spots are yet cooler with annual temperatures ranging from 14°C to 15°C with annual precipitation of 1,000mm. The plateaus at more than 3,000m above the sea level have severe daily temperature variations and experience cold weather at night.


As the only South American nation participating in the Korean War, Columbia has always had a friendly relationship with Korea and has supported Korean views at various international meetings, e.g. UN. The two nations have enjoyed official diplomatic relations since March 1962. Columbia established diplomatic relations with North Korea in October 1988. A Korean permanent residence was set up at Bogota in June 1971 and the Columbian residence was set up in the following July. Bi-lateral agreements include Culture of July 1976 and Trade of 1985.

Colombian imports from Korea were approximately US$ 210 million and the exports to Korea were about US$ 53 million in 2000. They mainly imported transportation machinery, electronics, textile and fabrics, rubber & plastic goods, electric home appliances, organic chemicals and steel products while exporting coffee, steel & metals, jewels, leather and fur. Korean immigrants numbered 649, with 229 Korean expatriates registered.


New Address/Same Location : 93, UN Pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 48529, Republic of Korea (New address system has been used in Korea since 2014.)

Old Address : 779, Daeyon 4-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, 608-812, Republic of Korea Phone 82-51-625-0625 Fax 82-51-624-2165