Korean War & UN

We pay tribute to those who died in Korea fighting for freedom and peace.


  A kingdom on the Jutland Peninsula and many nearby islands, including Sjaelland and Fyn
Location : Northern Europe
Area : 43,094㎢
Capital : Copenhagen
Political System : Constitutional Monarchy
Language : Danish
Currency : DK

The Kingdom of Denmark is its official name and English is their predominant second language. It controls the Danish Straits linking the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Its southern boundary adjoins Germany. Norway lies across the Skagerrak in the north and Sweden to the east of Kattergat. Danish territories also include the Faroe Islands and Greenland which are not included in its total land size.

87% of the people are Evangelical Lutheran, which is its national religion,ut there are also Roman Catholics, Baptists, Jews, etc.


The two nations signed an amity commerce treaty and affiliated commerce agreement in July 1902. Diplomatic relations were broken due to the Eulsa Treaty with Japan. During the Korea war in 1952, Denmark sent a medical unit to support. Since diplomatic relations were re-established in March 1959, they have trained 10 industrial Korean leaders in special areas such as agriculture, nuclear science, bio-pathology, etc., a total of 67 different specialty fields, annually at their expenses.
The Visa Waiver of October 1969, Double Taxation Avoidance of October 1977, the Commercial Mediation Agreement of 1982, and the Investment Guarantee of 1988 are in force. Additionally, an Aviation Agreement with Denmark, Sweden, and Norway was concluded in 1995.

Denmark imported US$ 347 million of goods and services from Korea and exported US$ 351 million in 2000. Their main goods in exportation are pork, steam boiler, chemicals, medicinal products, parts for internal combustion engines and imports include freight vessels, automobiles, airplanes, containers, etc.

Koran immigrants numbered 200 and expatriates 50 as of December, 2000. Diplomatic relations with North Korea were established in 1973.


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