Korean War & UN

We pay tribute to those who died in Korea fighting for freedom and peace.


  A country at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula
Location : Southern Europe
Area : 131,940㎢
Capital : Athens
Political System : Republic
Language : Greek
Currency : Euro
National Flower : Viola Ordorata

Hellenic Republic is its official state name. Greece includes many islands off the coast of the peninsula and borders the Ionian sea in the west, the Mediterranean in the south, and the Aegean sea in the northeast. The Greek national borderline extends 800 kilometers neighboring Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north and Turkey along the Maritsa river to the east. It is a hilly country, mostly mountainous. Ancient Greek states developed along the plain regions by the mountains & rivers.

Although the temperate Mediterranean climate with dry summers prevails in the south and islands, the north has much rainfall and the continental climate brings cold in winter.


Official diplomatic relationship with Korea was established on April 5 of 1961 when Greece and Korea agreed for permanent residency with each other. Other agreements between Greece and Korea include; Culture Agreement of July 1970, the Trade Agreement of October 1974, the Visas Waiver Agreement of February 1979, the Science & Technology Agreement of 1994; while the Aviation Agreement, the Investment Guarantee Agreement, and the agreement to avoid double taxation were signed in 1995. The Prime Minister of Greece visited Korea in November 1990.

Greek exports to Korea amounted to US$ 30,999,000 and its imports from Korea totaled US$ 1,456,235,000 in 2000. Korean immigrants and expatriates in Greece numbered about 250 in 2001.


New Address/Same Location : 93, UN Pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 48529, Republic of Korea (New address system has been used in Korea since 2014.)

Old Address : 779, Daeyon 4-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, 608-812, Republic of Korea Phone 82-51-625-0625 Fax 82-51-624-2165