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The Commission for the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea, CUNMCK, which consists of 11 member nations (Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, UK, USA, and Korea) whose fallen from the Korean War are interred at the UNMCK is in charge of managing the UNMCK.

Sub-Committee Meetings of the CUNMCK are held twice a year, once in Spring and the other in Autumn. The Regular Commission Meeting for the UNMCK of the CUNMCK, whose participants usually consists of the honorable ambassadors of each member nation and a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea, is held annually either on or around UN Day, October 24.

The CUNMCK Chair rotates annually, in the alphabetical order of the member nations' names, starting on November 1 of each year and ending on October 31 the following year.

NETHERLANDS holds the Chair of 2020, the 47th Chair country, and the Chairperson is H.E. Joanne DOORNEWAARD, Ambassador of Netherlands.